I help you find a bit that your horse likes, but I will never be able to make a quick fix to remove issues that come from a horse that has not come so far in its education. Some behaviors are first and foremost symptoms of weakness or troubles elsewhere in the body!

I am passionate about helping you figure out what your horse likes!

A bit is so much more than just a piece of material. My focus when I make a comstumized bit is to find a bit that suits the whole squad; horse, rider and visions.

Technology and knowledge.

I use the benefits of craftmanship of blacksmithing gives in compare to the machine-made bits available on the market today. Together with the knowledge of history and today's science to find a bit that your horse likes.


Furthermore, I assist you in understanding the functions of different bits and how they affect the communication with your horse.

Before ordering.

Important things to consider before deciding to stop a bit in the mouth of your horse are:

  • There is no place for a bit in the horse's mouth, your horse will make room for a bit if it likes it together your hand!
  • Where are you and your horse in your education and what goals do you have?
  • What kind of mouth does your horse have? What does your horse convey for feelings, strengths and weaknesses in its mouth?

Of course, there are lots more to think about, but here are some good ideas to start thinking of!